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Jewelz Blu

Jewelz Blu

Jewelz Blu, the adorable blue-haired beauty! Referred to as heaven Mermaid, this cam model is among the most popular names in the adult market. Jewelz Blu loves to get kinky. Playful and adorable, she has a face and body you will not forget. She delights in offering blow tasks, it turns her on, and she loves to roleplay. Are you prepared to fulfill our gamer lady?

The Sexy Blue Mermaid

Charming, spirited and alternative, Jewelz Blu is one of the most popular names in porn. Not just that, she's among few pornstars who can pull off the blue-hair look and still achieve success. Jewelz has an unique appearance for sure. Her ears are pierced. She stands 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) high and weighs 110 pounds (50 kg).

Jewelz Blu was born upon September 21, 1994, in Germany. For half of her childhood she coped with her mother in the German countryside, participating in a multilingual school where she discovered both English and german. Her memories of maturing in Germany consist of running wild through the stunning fields and countless days of heavy snowfall.

In 2006 Jewelz Blu transferred to Southern California. The extreme change in landscapes brought forth a powerful culture shock. Jewelz asked herself, " Where are the trees? Where is the green? Where are the open fields to go through? " But those feelings quickly passed and Jewelz Blu rapidly became a Cali Girl. Nevertheless, she still communicates with a couple of youth friends from abroad.

Jewelz Blu participated in high school in Orange County. Not only was she a great student and extremely academic, however she likewise loved reading and writing. She was, furthermore, really active in school activities such as color guard, field and track, and the honor society. All throughout high school she had one strong boyfriend. He was older than her (she was a sophomore, he a senior) and was her very first sexual partner. They even went to the prom together.

Back then her strategy was to graduate valedictorian and enroll in a four-year college, pursue an English degree and eventually become an English instructor or a writer. But life had other plans. In the end, she went to a junior college for 2 and a half years. During this time she operated at a juice bar. Through this job she discovered her enthusiasm for fruits, vegetables and healthy eating in general.

Getting Started in Porn

Prior to she ever considered operating in porn, Jewelz Blu started following different cam ladies on Tumblr. She thought it looked simple adequate and saw the possibility for success. At the same time, she started exploring herself sexually, having sexual adventures with different types of partners. Naughty stuff: vehicle sex, sex on beaches, sex on walkings. Most of her partners were colleagues from the juice bar.

It didn't take wish for Jewelz Blu to enter camming. As a performer, she was famous for her erotic dances and half-naked dances with hula-hoops swinging from her hips. Unfortunately, she wasn't really consistent with the occupation and thus did not make much money. The majority of Jewelz's profits originated from offering customized content to clients.

By age 22 Jewelz began searching for additional kinds of income to support herself. Heaven Mermaid had built a small but strong credibility as a dominatrix cam girl, so when a buddy who was associated with the femdom scene offered some in-person efficiencies through her contacts, Jewelz gladly accepted.

When she was 24 years old, Jewelz Blu formally began her porn profession in 2019. Her first scene was a threesome where she played the naughty stepsister. Jewelz has appeared in a minimum of 15 scenes and has actually worked with different studios including Team Skeet, Many Vids, Mofos, Jules Jordan Video, Naughty America, Kelly Madison Networks and Swallow Salon.

On shoot days Jewelz Blu likes to awaken in between 5:30 and 6:00 in the morning. She likes having the majority of her crucial things perfectly folded and packed the night prior to: wardrobe, makeup, wipes, shoes, and even stuff the studio tells her not to bring due to the fact that you never ever know what will occur! Instead of a meal, Jewelz prefers to consume a high-protein shake, which she herself prepares with mangos and non-diary milk.

Personal Habits and Fetishes

Jewelz Blu currently lives in Orange County, California. She loves to exercise every day to develop her booty. Likewise, Jewelz Blu is a vegan and an overall health freak when it comes to nutrition: protein shakes, rice and tofu, salads, lentils and beans, soups.

The Sexy Blue Mermaid is very active in the rave scene. You can capture her often at music festivals, swinging live torches from her hands as she fire dances on phase. Her favorite celebration is the well-known Burning Man.

Jewelz Blu began watching porn at a young age, however it constantly made her feel naughty and perverted. She had a good friend who enjoyed adult movies and often they exchanged ideas about how to masturbate. Sadly, however, Jewelz felt ashamed about being sexual, believing she would go to hell for masturbating. Mostly she saw lesbian porn.

She has actually remained in a relationship for three years. Her sweetheart is her number-one advocate and also a substantial fan of her content.

When it comes to fetishes, Jewelz Blu loves having her feet worshipped. She also takes pleasure in spanking and whipping her partners. She particularly fancies wax play. To put it simply, having hot candle wax poured on her body.

Jewelz Blu loves languages. She took Latin for four years in high school, and continued to study German and English throughout college. Jewelz is a big fan of Anime. She likewise enjoys reading, camping, hiking, sun-bathing and other outside actives.

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