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Come Get It - S37:E25

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Sam Bourne is hectic reading the paper as his lover Alyssa Bounty enjoys him with greedy eyes as she pretends to make breakfast. She brings the meal over to sit by Sam, but he does not appear to notice. Even when Alyssa strikes significantly sexy postures and begins rubbing her twat right there at the table, Sam is so soaked up in his reading that he does not bat an eye.

Getting to her feet, Alyssa escalates the scenario by stripping out of her robe. The clothing puddle at her feet and she runs her hands up her beautiful body, which lastly gets Sam's attention. Pretending now that she does not care whether Sam follows or not, Alyssa relocates to the couch, where she waits, naked, for him to join her.

Sam provides, finally, when he joins Alyssa on the couch. He says sorry beautifully, settling between her thighs and dipping his head to consume her puss. Drawing his hand up, he pushes those fingers right in there to bang her as he licks her clit. Ultimately Alyssa stays up and makes sure that Sam gets as good as he's been providing when she pulls out his fuck adhere to begin drawing him off. Alyssa's deep throat BJ simply brings both their passion to a fever pitch as she gets Sam to lean back and let her have her method with him.

Since Sam is currently laying back, Alyssa just climbs right onto that fuck stick for a stiffie flight. He lets Alyssa get out all her neediness as she rocks her hips to enjoy that big D. Then Alyssa lays back and lets Sam take over doing the work as he pile drives her right in the snatch.

Rolling onto her side, Alyssa groans in delight as Sam gives it to her spooning from behind. She raises one leg in the air, opening herself totally to his ministrations. Sam utilizes his body language to excuse overlooking Alyssa earlier as he brings her ideal off.

Taking control once again, Alyssa climbs back onto Sam's hardon and rides him in reverse cowgirl. She starts in charge of her own pace, however eventually she lets Sam slip his hands beneath her bottom so she can lift her feet and let him do all the work. Bending over, Alyssa raises her ass high to let Sam reenter her pussy from behind and provide her one last big O in doggy. Alyssa's pulsing pussy milks out Sam's climax, leaving him to glut Alyssa with a creampie of his hot love.

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