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For The Thrill Of It - S39:E23

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Raul Costa is a patient man as he lies in bed, blindfolded and waiting. Knowing that she has her partner right where she desires him, Jayla De Angelis takes her time joining him. She stands in the doorway and indulges herself just enjoying Raul while her hands remain in consistent movement, touching her luscious curves and shedding her overshirt so that she's down to simply her lingerie.

When Jayla finally crawls into bed with Raul, he makes the herculean effort to keep his hands at his sides while she gets busy with his body. Jayla rubs her hands all over Raul's chest to enjoy the spray of chest hair and the solidity of his male nipples. Slowly working her method lower on Raul's body, Jayla eventually springs his stiffie totally free and pulls him close. She widens to lap her way up Raul's fuck stick before taking him into her mouth for a complete on blowjob that is sweet and sensuous however quite shows that this chick remains in charge.

Getting to her knees, Jayla vibrates out of her thong to open herself up. Then she straddles Raul's stubborn belly and slides down onto his hardon. Once she's impaled. Jayla has the ability to lean forward and eliminate her fan's mask. Because she's up there anyhow, she takes pleasure in Raul's deep kisses and advises him to put his hands on her tender breasts.

When Jayla hops off the cock and sucks her own juices tidy, Raul watches the erotic sight greedily. Then Jayla remounts Raul, this time in reverse cowgirl. Rocking her hips, she creates a hot rhythm that leaves her moaning in delight.

When it's finally Raul's turn to take control, he rolls Jayla onto her side and spoons behind her. Jayla raises her leg in the air, which opens her right up for Raul to shove himself back inside. He takes it slow to begin and then speeds up his strokes. When Jayla rolls onto her hands and knees, Raul hardly misses a beat before he's on his knees behind her to deliver a doggy design pussy pounding that this all of Jayla's buttons.

As Jayla rolls onto her back for a break, she spreads herself wide open so that Raul can come and lap her pussy juices right up. He pays unique attention to Jayla's clit, then slips 2 fingers inside to discover her g-spot. Raul gets to his knees and gives her the D for her final climax when Jayla mewls with delight. In return, Jayla reaches forward when Raul takes out and strokes him off to assist him pop all over her stomach for the best surface to their lovemaking.

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