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For You - S39:E22

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Mindy does not know what her partner, Sam Bourne, has actually planned for her as she gowns for her date. She pulls on a shirt that's large enough to show some nip, and shimmies into short shorts. When she goes to satisfy Sam where he's waiting in the dining room, Mindy is pleasantly surprised with the flowers that he has for her.

Mindy accepts her gift with a smile and a kiss that rapidly becomes something more. Sam is certainly into taking anything Mindy cares to give. His hands remain in continuous movement along her slim curves, slipping her out of those shorts and after that turning her around so he can cup those tits. Mindy is putty in Sam's hands, offering him whatever he wishes to take.

When Sam guides Mindy back into the bedroom, he guides her right to the bedroom and lays her down. On his knees between her thighs, he takes a taste of her sweet juices. He likes what he discovers, so he dives much deeper as Mindy brings her hands as much as rub her own nipples to hard peaks.

Their oral pleasure leaves Mindy eager to return the favor. She turns over onto her stomach with her hand working Sam's dick out of his slacks. She draws his fuck stick close and opens her mouth to begin licking and drawing him like her preferred lollipop. With Mindy's hot lips around his cock, Sam gets himself out of his clothes so that he's hard and primed to fuck.

Mindy begins their hardcore coupling by reversing on her hands and knees so that Sam can move into her from behind. That position lets her rock back to satisfy Sam's every thrust. He delivers the deep pussy pounding that Mindy craves, never ever letting up on the rate as she brings one hand as much as squeeze her tits and nipples. When Sam has given it to her so that she's on her stomach mewling in pleasure, Mindy chooses to turn the tables.

Pushing Sam onto his back, Mindy gets on leading to straddle his hips. She guides him back into her velvet glove, sinking down up until she's complete and nice. Rocking her hips with a little bounce, Mindy foes for a stiffie ride that gets her breathing good and difficult. Then she leans forward to get nice and intimate with Sam as she keeps her bottom moving to continue fucking.

Falling to her side, Mindy snuggles up with Sam spooning behind her. He comes back inside as she lifts a thigh high to accommodate him. Reaching down to rub her own clit, Mindy lets Sam rock her world yet once again. Ultimately, she rolls onto her back while Sam gets on his knees between her thighs. That position leaves Mindy groaning one last time, and her orgasm milks an answering climax from Sam. Leaking with a wonderful creampie, Mindy indulges in the afterglow of a lovely fuck.

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