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Here For The Party - S37:E16

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Dressed up for Halloween, Alyssa Bounty and Lady D enjoy beverages and chatter on the sofa. Alyssa runs for the door when she hears a knock and escorts Raul Costa, dressed as a pirate, inside. Taking a seat in between the two women, Raul quickly discovers himself the center of attention.

Lady D gets up and makes her way over to sit next to Alyssa. She whispers into Alyssa's ear that they ought to share Raul, and Alyssa makes it clear that she's down with that plan. Together, the women reach forward to stroke Raul's already hard cock. They pop his guy meat out and Alyssa gets to delight in drawing him down for a BJ first. She shares nicely with Lady D, and quickly the girls are working together to make sure Raul is nice and turned on to play stud to each of their sexual fantasies.

Eventually, Lady D gives up the cock to Alyssa as she hops onto the top of the sofa. Spreading her thighs, she welcomes Raul to eat her out as Alyssa continues sucking her cock. Then Lady D hops onto Raul's fuck stick to ride him even as she leans forward to give Alyssa's dripping take the very same treatment she has simply enjoyed.

When Alyssa has her rely on be in the middle, she discovers herself on her hands and knees with Raul consuming her out with extensive determination as she delights in a pussy feast of her own with Lady D. Eventually Raul chooses that Alyssa is ready for him, so he gets to his knees and pushes himself balls deep. Her woman design pussy pounding soon gets Alyssa moaning long and loud. She is outrageous about her enjoyment!Scooting forward, Lady D lays underneath Alyssa. Raul slides into her from his position on his knees, while Alyssa goes up so that she can plant her twat on Lady D's face. Burying her cries of enjoyment in Alyssa's nab, Lady D bucks her hips as Raul gives it to her. Raul's position even lets him lean forward and lap at Alyssa's anus as Lady D continues to lap at her clit.

Raul Lays down on the couch next, pulling Alyssa on top of him so that she can impale herself totally on his member. With Lady D bent beside her to help her out in any way possible, Alyssa begins bouncing away on Raul's dick. Whenever Raul pops out, Lady D sucks the juices off of him and inserts his fuck stick back into Alyssa's puss.

Alyssa ultimately falls to her side with Raul spooning behind her. As a reward for Lady D's assistance, she gets to enjoy another round of pussy feasting courtesy of Alyssa. Threading her fingers into Alyssa's hair, Lady D holds her girlfriend in just the best spot When her climax comes over her, Alyssa rears her head back however uses her hand to keep Lady D's celebration rolling.

When the ladies have finally been pleased, they understand better than to leave Raul hanging. They get on their knees together, with Alyssa doing the majority of the sucking and Lady D assisting her out. Raul rewards both girls with a facial that leaves both girls cum covered and smiling. Leaning in, they take turns sucking Raul's fuck stick clean.

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