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Let Yourself In - S39:E30

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Francys Belle is ready and waiting for her date with Raul Costa. Decked out in a bra that hides absolutely nothing and a matching bathrobe and panties, she keeps herself hot and prepared with light caresses. Raul understands to just walk in without knocking, and when he does, Francys is ready and willing.

Raul makes it throughout the space in record time as Francys teases him with her beautiful body lines. Kneeling on the bed, she is the perfect height to prop up her titties and offer Raul one hell of a show. She pops her breasts from the bra to present him with the best bundle to squeeze and jiggle when Raul leans forward. Raul even gets the chance to lean forward and suck her huge nipples as his hand slides low to palm Francys's twat.

Raul's overture is just what Francys was hoping for. She leans back on the bed and spreads her thighs to let Raul in. He knows just what to do. Sliding Francys's thong aside, Raul dives face initially into her velvety center. His oral delight is repaid in full as Francys gets on her knees and rakes Raul's hardon in hand so she can lean in and begin drawing! Rubbing the base and cupping the balls as she draws the pointer, Francys provides one hell of a BJ.

For Raul, the only thing better than Francys's mouth twisted around his penis is when he pushes his back and lets Francys peel her thong and climb onto his hardon. She installs him for a quick and furious  stiffie flight. Reversing, Francys returns to deal with a little aid from Raul, who has slipped his hands below her booty to assist her set the speed. Reversing on the D, Francys leans in for a deep kiss before they carry on to something new.

Francys decides on her side with Raul huddled behind her. His position makes it simple for Raul to slide his cock back within as the big spoon. A couple of thrusts later on, Francys gets on her hands and knees so they can proceed to a doggy design pussy pounding. The position lets Raul anchor his hands on Francys's hips so he can go deep and hard as Francys rocks back to meet every stroke. Flipping onto her back, Francys invites Raul in between her thighs. He gives her such powerful thrusts that he almost milks the groans from her lips. When Francys lifts her legs, Raul slips her high heels off so he can easily go back to work. A couple of minutes later on, Raul can't keep back any longer. He takes out so that Francys can guide his cum shot all over her breasts and stomach, leaving herself covered in her enthusiast's delight.

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