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Like What You See | Romy Indy, Sam Bourne

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Stunning hottie Romy Indy poses in lingerie for a photoshoot then hops onto her boyfriend for a bald pussy stiffie ride

Beautiful Romy Indy has actually chosen to pose for attractive videos with her beau, Sam Bourne. Sam simply enjoys taping his spirited girlfriend in her naughty lingerie. As Romy flirts with both the video camera and with Sam, she grows significantly turned out. Connecting a foot to rub versus Sam's stiffie, Romy verifies that she's not alone in her arousal.On her back on the bed, Romy keeps up her laughing act as Sam joins her. Straddling Romy's legs, Sam puts himself in a position of power. He takes a few more photos, then puts the phone aside and leans in to capture Romy's lips in a searing kiss. He grabs the phone again as Romy commits wiggle her ass for the cam. This time, when Sam sets the phone down to take note of Romy, he's in it to win it. He flips her onto her back once again and slides her bra down. Hefting her firm breasts in his hands, Sam snaps out his tongue to tease first one nipple and after that the other to a difficult tip. Then he kisses his way down Romy's body to settle in between her thighs. Swiping his tongue over the fragrant fabric of Romy's panties is simply the warmup act before Sam tugs the cloth aside and dives in for a correct pussy feast.Romy isn't ready to let Sam have all the fun. She stays up and presses Sam onto his back. Then she pops his hardon out of his briefs. Kneeling above Sam, Romy widens to take the idea of his cock into her mouth. She licks and sucks to her heart's material, utilizing the velvet glove of her mouth to keep Sam at difficult attention.Since she's currently in the ideal position to opt for a stiffie flight, Romy takes full benefit. She shucks herself out of her thong and then slides down on Sam's cock till she's fully impaled. After she has actually delighted in a g-spot massage by leaning back as Sam pistons in and out of her, Romy reverses for a booty bouncing reverse cowgirl ride.Watching that ass provides Sam the urge to take Romy from behind. She's happy to oblige! On her hands and knees, Romy rocks back to satisfy every one of Sam's strokes as he gives it to her in doggy. Then they both roll to their side so that Romy can raise one thigh high in the air to open herself up completely as Sam gives it to her in a spooning fuck.Rolling onto her back, Romy invites Sam back inside as he dives deep to provide her the big O she's been chasing after. Then she rolls Sam over so she can resume her ride for both of their enjoyment. Romy isn't the only one to cum in this position. Sam loses control with his hot girlfriend bouncing away on his dick and excess Romy's smooth twat with a huge fa creampie.

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