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My Wifes Girlfriend | Jason X, Kira Thorn, Mindy

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Stunner Mindy is caught midkiss with her girlfriend Kira Thorn to kickstart a horny hardcore threesome with her husbandFair Skin

A video game of chess between Mindy and Kira Thorn is growing heated up in more methods than just one. When Jason X. passes by the windows, he sees his wife in her sweetheart's lap. The women are much too sidetracked with their deep kisses to notice, but Jason taps on the window to let them understand of his presence. When he joins them, he is all smiles and absolutely available to the pledge of a threesome with his spouse and her lover.He joins Kira before Mindy so that each can concentrate on a nipple They fast to work Mindy out of her t-shirt and shorts, eliminating her of her clothing so that Kira can bury her face between Mindy's thighs. While Kira keeps up with her pussy feast, Jason assists her out of her staying clothes as well. He joins her lapping at Mindy's greedy twat when he's done. Discovering herself on her belly on the table, Kira reaches out when Jason has actually sprung his hardon devoid of his clothes to start rubbing him. Meanwhile, Mindy kneels behind Kira so she can play her tongue over the soft folds of Kira's delicious pussy. She only lets Kira vacate the middle when Jason changes her so that the girls can enjoy a double blowjob.Once they have had their ill of sucking cock for the time being, the girls each pick a spot on Jason's body to start riding. Mindy yields her partner's hardon to her girlfriend and decides on his mouth rather. Leaning forward to fill her hands with Mindy's breasts, Kira rocks her hips in a rhythm that Mindy quickly imitates.Kira ultimately slides off Jason's fuck stick so Mindy can reverse and provide him a reverse cowgirl flight. Jason helps her set a constant rate with his hands on her waist. On the other hand, Kira does whatever she can to double down on both of their pleasure by stroking and drawing even as one of her hands sneaks down to fondle her clit.The women are eager to keep going, so Jason waits as they place themselves in a 69 with Mindy on the bottom. He grips it in between his big hands and sinks his penis balls deep into her greedy dampness when he sees Kira's ass waving in the air. Mindy's position underneath them lets her tease Jason's balls and delight in the musk of her girlfriend's cream all over her nab and her partner's hardon.Kira resumes her valuable sucking and licking as Mindy lays on her side with Jason spooning behind her. He can easily fill his hands with her breasts one last time as he drives into her fuck hole. As they bang, they each take pleasure in the sensation of Kira's mouth and fingers teasing all the best areas until Mindy is groaning and Jason can't hold back from nutting another moment. He takes out so Kira can stroke him off all over Mindy's belly, leaving her cum covered and content.

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