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October 2021 Fantasy Of The Month - S2:E8

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The scary season is officially here, and Alina Lopez has a dream that fits the ambiance. Enacting a sexy ghost, Alina is haunting the property that Nathan Bronson has simply leased for a vacation. When she sees her sexy new unwitting roommate, Alina understands she needs to discover a way to have him.

Over time, Alina graduates from watching Nathan to following him around and vanishing whenever he may lay eyes on her. Alina is always there, seeing. She even end up in bed, rubbing her breasts through her sheer bathrobe and masturbating, as soon as Nathan leaves the room.

Nathan is absolutely feeling the effects of Alina's haunting, especially as things get more physical. Alina knocks a book off the rack, then goes on to control his phone and play some porn while he's utilizing it. When again going at it in his bed right upstairs, she handles to make the TV turn on with video of herself. Alina hams it up, dropping Nathan's name and asking him to come touch her. Clearly, this is an invitation he can't ignore.

Nathan hurries approximately find the bed empty. When he reverses, though, Alina lastly manifests just for him as a corporeal lady who is horny as hell. Nathan is frightened initially, falling onto his back on the bed. Alina is quick on the draw, getting on top of Nathan and verifying that she's as real as she requires to be as she offers him eager kisses and then pops his hardon out of his pants. By the time Alina has pleased her requirement to feast on Nathan's cock in a passionate BJ, he's certainly convinced that she is, certainly, genuine enough.

Shedding her robe, Alina climbs on top of Nathan and sinks down onto his erection. She's leaking damp and her pussy hugs him like a velvet glove. Tossing her head back in pleasure, Alina rocks her hips and bounces away. Nathan lastly breaks his paralysis enough to rise and touch her extraordinary tits. Alina is thrilled; she's been waiting so long for a guy to satisfy her ghostly needs.

Getting on her knees and hands, Alina is an irresistible sight to Nathan. He knees on the bed behind her and pushes himself deep and good into her creamy center. Thrusting hard, he squeezes Alina's ass as he pounds away at her puss. Her groans fill the space, guiding him into a harder, much faster vagina pounding.

When Alina falls onto her side and lifts one leg, Nathan snuggles up behind her and reenters fuck hole. The position lets them delight in some intimacy through deep kisses even as Nathan continues to dive deep with long, firm strokes. Alina can't get enough as she rolls onto her back and welcomes Nathan back inside for one last journey towards a huge climax. Obedient to Alina's requirements, he brings her off. A moment later on, he pulls out to take his own delight on Alina's stomach. Nathan attempts to ask Alina if she's really a ghost, however she refuses to devote either way.

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