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Part Of The Deal - S39:E6

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Realtor Angelo Godshack has an excellent new apartment or condo to display to his customer, Isabella De Laa. When his hot client shows up, Angelo understands he wants to do more than make a sale. He gets great and close to Isabella as he shows her around, making sure to touch her every opportunity he gets. Isabella detects what Angelo is setting, and it ends up that she likes what he has to use on both levels. Eventually Isabella consents to take the home, but just if it includes a side of Angelo. She makes her terms clear as Angelo is preparing the documents. Sinking to her knees, she unzips Angelo's trousers and makes her satisfaction understood when his difficult dick pops out. Taking him by the root, she pulls Angelo's difficult penis close to start drawing him off. It is clear that Isabella loves drawing dick as she deep throat that thick male meat and gobbles the balls.

Drawing Isabella to her feet, Angelo relieves her of her top as she keeps her hand going stroking him off. Taking a detour through the loveliness of Isabella's titties, Angelo makes certain to nurse each nipple. Then he gets on his knees to kiss his method down the stubborn belly and worship her sweet juices. He returns to his feet and turns Isabella around, pushing her against a column so that he can lift her miniskirt and push into her from behind.

Isabella transfers to the sofa, still impaled on Angelo's fuck stick. He follows her without missing a beat. Angelo resumes his thrusting when she is on her knees. Isabella rocks back to satisfy every stroke, matching her passion to his in a sensual coupling. She gets to a kneeling position to deliver a wonderful kiss as they prepare to alter things up once again.

Angelo takes the cue, raising Isabella into his arms. She's so light that he can easily slip his hands beneath her ass and guide her back down onto her erection. They rock like that, with Isabella cradled in Angelo's arms, for a hot minute before Angelo brings her to the table. Setting her down, he takes out so that he can enjoy a pussy buffet that is seasoned with the musk of their passion.

Since Isabella currently has one ankle hooked around his shoulder, it's easy for Angelo to get back to as standing position while all at once opening her wide for his ministrations. Pushing his way back within, he gives it to her sluggish and deep. Their coupling is filled with passion, but it isn't rather enough for Isabella to be totally sated.

They relocate to the sofa so that Angelo can take a seat and consume Isabella's meaty twat out as she rests on his mouth. She slides lower, impaling herself on his hard cock for a beautiful ride that elicits breathy groans. When she turns around and takes it in reverse cowgirl, Isabella is content to let Angelo slip his hands below her bum and set the exact pace he requires to reach his finish line. She disengages from Angelo as his jizz leaks free from her welcoming twat, then gives him one last stroke as they both boil down from the high of their orgasmic bliss.

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