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Ready Or Not - S38:E13

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Mona Blue and Tiffany Tatum make the most popular lesbian couple around as they climb up into the shower together. Between the warm spray of the water and their own tender touches, the girls indulge in a sensual bathing experience. As they unwind their wet enjoyable, they examine to the bed where Matt Denae is watching the program and waiting for his chance to participate in on the fun.

The girls dry off and then join Matt in bed. They work in tandem, stroking Matt's tough cock and dropping kisses on his lips. Tiffany is the first to pop Matt's fuck stick out of his briefs. On her stubborn belly, she licks and draws her preferred treat as her heels settle back in obvious delight. Eventually, Mona gets in on the blowjob action as Tiffany shifts her attention to drawing Matt's balls.

Next, Tiffany finds herself on her back with Matt's tongue working the soft folds between her thighs. Mona is right there with Tiffany, touching her sweetheart's breasts and peppering her with kisses. As Mona sees Matt consume Tiffany out, her hand sneaks to her own pussy to rub her clit. Eventually, she climbs on top of Tiffany's mouth so that Tiffany can deliver a pussy licking even as she continues to receive one.

When Matt moves to a kneeling position, Mona leans forward to provide a bit more suck. Then he guides himself into Tiffany's leaking twat. Considering that Mona is still riding Tiffany's mouth, she can easily make out with Matt as they each rock their hips to make sure Tiffany's enjoyment is uninterrupted.

Tiffany stays on her back as Mona arranges herself into a full-on lesbian 69. When Mona leans forward to feast on Tiffany's juices, her rump comes near expose her pussy to Matt. The position is perfect: Matt can easily fuck Mona in doggy, while Tiffany can alternate between sucking Matt's balls and lapping at Mona's clit.

Next, it's Matt's turn to get on his back and let his lovers enjoy themselves. Mona climbs aboard Matt's hardon to rock her hips in a sensuous trip, while Tiffany matches Mona's motions on Matt's face. Eventually, the women tag out so that Tiffany can ride Matt in reverse cowgirl while Mona rubs Tiffany's clit and nurses her tough nipples. Any time Matt pops out of Tiffany's dripping glove, Mona sucks him clean of Tiffany's juices and after that guides him back home.

Well loved and excited to please their partner, the ladies get on their knees together to resume their blowjob. They share magnificently, each sucking and rubbing with one goal. It's not long prior to Matt delivers, popping in their open mouths to deliver a salted treat for both ladies to enjoy.

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