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She Can Come Too - S39:E24

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Nikki Nutz has spent the night with his girlfriend, Veronica Leal. When he gets up spooning with his hot enthusiast, Nikki can't assist but spring some nice early morning wood. He gets amorous, caressing Veronica and drifting along her body with charming kisses. She stops him and informs him she actually has to get up when Nikki attempts to pull Veronica's panties down. Nikki attempts to convince her to stay, but Veronica demands climbing up out of bed.

When Veronica is on her feet, Nikki plays his trump card by pulling his shorts down and letting his big dick spring complimentary. The sight of that nice dick sways Veronica, who goes back to the bed and uses one hand to draw Nikki's fuck stick close so she can sample the suggestion. Now that she's committed, Veronica doesn't hold back at all as she provides a passionate blowjob.

In the heat of their attractive tussle, Nikki and Veronica don't spare an idea for Veronica's roommate, Jayla De Angelis. What they don't know is that the apartment or condo's walls are very thin and Jayla can hear everything. Instead of being irritated, Jayla discovers herself absolutely switched on. She pauses in her morning calisthenics and chooses to warm herself up in a different way: Rubbing down her breasts and pussy in a masturbation delight, Jayla creeps closer to the bedroom door to hear her roommie getting it on more clearly.

Nikki is just getting settled between Veronica's thighs when Jayla mistakenly hits the door with her shoulders. Veronica gets up to see what the sound was and finds her roomie with her tits out and her hand down her shorts. Veronica doesn't get mad; rather, she has a concept. Getting Jayla's arm, she leads her roommie into the bedroom and provides to share her boyfriend in the most sensual method possible.

When Veronica leads Jayla in, Nikki wisely stays put on his back to see where this goes. He is rewarded for his patience when the ladies come together to provide a tandem blowjob. Taking turns sucking Nikki's balls and lapping their method up the shaft, the ladies each delight in long slurps of the tip.

Getting up from his prone position, Nikki helps Jayla onto her back in his location. Veronica climbs onto her roomie's mouth, planting her pussy within simple reach of Jayla's tongue. As Jayla is feasting on that creamy pussy,  Nikki comes between her rewards and thighs her by sinking deep into her welcoming fuck hole. Veronica starts her face sitting experience with her back to Nikki, but she ultimately reverses so she can construct out with Nikki as they ride Jayla's prepared body together.

Veronica climbs off of Jayla and kisses her sweet juices from her roomie's lips, then arranges herself on her side with her face in between Jayla's thighs. Nikki mores than happy to go with the flow, spooning behind Veronica in the position he originally wanted. As Nikki bangs his girlfriend, Veronica takes her time exploring her brand-new sweetheart's slippery snatch with her magical tongue.

Taking another turn on his back, Nikki watches as Veronica climbs above him and utilizes the headboard to get her twat out in the air. On the other hand, Jayla mounts his fuck stick and leans forward throughout her stiffie ride so that she can feast on Veronica's juices. Veronica eventually moves so that Jayla can focus totally on rocking her hips, coming up behind her roommie so she can do whatever it requires to help them each discover their delight.

Nikki takes advantage of Veronica being on her hands and knees, letting Jayla leave of him and position herself on her back so Veronica can resume her pussy feast. Once Veronica's mouth is occupied, Nikki relapses into his sweetheart's fuck hole so he can deliver a doggy style pussy pounding that leaves her mewling.

Nikki takes his place on his back one last time with Jayla on top of him, offering him a reverse cowgirl ride that leaves her plump breasts bouncing. Veronica is right there, once again guiding both her fans' satisfaction. With Veronica's encouragement, Nikki gluts Jayla with a creampie. Veronica is right there to lick her sweetheart's cum out of her roomate's meaty pussy for some sensual play that consists of sharing a taste with Jayla.

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