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Something To Stare At - S40:E7

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Ivi Rein and her friend Amy Douxxx are delighting in a lady chat in the cooking area. Ivi admits that she has a person on the hook that she's going to visit, however she does not speak any German and she is fretted that she does not know much about sex, either. Always the buddy, Amy assures Ivi that she can enjoy and discover from her and her sweetheart, Thomas Stone.

Thomas walks in a moment later and welcomes Amy with a kiss. Getting to her feet, Amy pulls Thomas aside and whispers her plan into his ear. Thomas is surprised, however he appears to be game. He's hard and currently nice when Amy pulls his pants to spring his erection free. Dropping to her knees, Amy starts demonstrating to Ivi simply what she does to make her sweetheart happy.

Ivi discovers that she is painfully shy initially. She can't look, but paradoxically, she can't look away. Eventually, Amy glances over to Ivi and sees her discomfort. She uses her buddy a sexy smile and beckons her to participate. Ivi hesitates, but then goes to her friend and joins Amy on her knees.

The two women interact to blow Thomas. Ivi's tentative draws become deeper and more comfy. With Amy's guidance, she rapidly discovers how to provide a fantastic BJ. Amy eventually relocates them to the sofa so that Ivi can draw Thomas off from a different angle for a lot more practice.

Now that Amy is comfortable with foreplay Amy decides that it's time for something more. She strips out of her shorts and returns to her knees, this time with Thomas behind her. Ivi enjoys as Thomas does Amy in doggy. Pulling Ivi forward, Amy pulls her good friend's panties aside and leans in to feast on her twat.

When Amy decides that Ivi is ready to find out how to fuck, she gets Thomas to roll onto his back and after that she assists Ivi climb on top to sink down onto his penis. This position lets Ivi call and set the rate all the shots, putting her in a position of power. Amy joins her by climbing up onto Thomas's face and riding his tongue as Ivi flights his fuck stick when Ivi is bouncing along well. When Amy sets down on the top of the couch above Thomas's face, Ivi can even lean in and lap at her pal's clit.

Yielding Thomas's hardon to Amy, Ivi enjoys her pal slide down her sweetheart's body and install him in cowgirl. She sees Amy for a moment, entranced by her good friend's bouncing stiffie trip. Then she demonstrates how far she has actually come by licking Amy's clit and sucking Thomas's balls, anything to assist her new enthusiasts get off.

Thomas benefits Ivi's commitment by getting her on her knees and hands and sinking balls deep into her greedy puss. Ivi continues to demonstrate that she has actually graduated to advanced techniques as Amy arranges herself in front of her and she resumes consuming Amy out. Thomas does not stop up until Ivi is moaning, which produces some delightful enjoyment for Amy in turn.

The final lesson Amy and Thomas want to pass on to Ivi is to how to make a male cum. Amy guides Ivi to her knees in front of Thomas once again. With Amy's aid, Ivi works her mouth over Thomas's hardon up until he rewards her with a facial that spurts into her open mouth. Amy leans in for a deep kiss, licking the taste of her sweetheart from her pal's lips.


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