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Talk Nerdy To Me | Alex Coal, Alex Mack, Ryder Rey

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Horny Alex Coal and her girlfriend Ryder Rey love bringing in a nerdy guy to give their pussies a hardcore threesome

Lusty coeds Ryder Rey and Alex Coal are hot for each other, however they likewise have a certain penchant for nerdy people. Whenever there's a local convention that's sure to bring in crowds of geeks, Ryder and Alex get dolled up in exposing costumes to go searching for the best lonesome guy to finish their ideal threesome. The ladies are locked and loaded in their attractive getups as they talk about the last minute strategy: Ryder gets to pick, as long as Alex gets to enjoy a doggy style pussy pounding this time.When the girls arrive home, they have Alex Mack in tow. Believing he'll be their perfect geeky 3rd, the women sit him down on the sofa and quiz him about which outfit he likes better. Alex admits that he doesn't know who either of them are supposed to be. He says he does not really read or enjoy anime, however right before the girls cut him off Alex comes out with the details that he's into LARPing and tabletop games.When the ladies discover that Alex speed runs the video game classics, Ryder is the one to make the call that he'll benefit a fun time. She puts his hand on her pussy so he can feel her heat over her outfit. On The Other Hand, Alex Coal leans in to sample the taste of her brand-new flinger's mouth. The ladies take things sluggish, guiding Alex through checking out each of their plump breasts and difficult nipples prior to they carry on to the next part of the party.Popping Alex's hardon out of his trousers, Alex Coal and Ryder get on their knees on opposite sides of his lap. They take turns directing his penis to their mouths so they can sample the goods. A double blowjob simply gets both ladies even hornier, so Alex peels her bottoms and impales herself on the D so she can lean forward and opt for a booty bouncing ride.Ryder does whatever she can to double down on her girlfriend's pleasure, but that suggests she's not truly getting any of the attention. That's alright; when it's her rely on get fucked, Ryder gets on her hands and knees so she can lean across her girlfriend's lap and take it in doggy. Ryder puts down with Alex's pussy hovering over her face. As Alex Coal rocks her hips to assist Ryder set a speed for her pussy banquet, Alex Mack gets settled in between Ryder's thighs. Once she feels the dick pushing into her, Ryder is delighted to discover herself in the middle of an Alex sandwich.Alex Coal had actually currently made it clear that she wishes to get fucked on her knees, too, so the ladies change things up one last time. Still on her back, Ryder reverses and pulls Alex with her so that Ryder can lap at Alex's cilt. The position lets Alex Mack slide house into Alex Coal's fuck hole so she can enjoy herself in doggy with Ryder concurrently licking her clit for double the enjoyment and double the enjoyable. Alex Mack keeps the hardcore party opting for as long as he can, taking out at just the last moment so Ryder can rub him off the remainder of the method. It does not take much. He pops all over Alex Coal's ass, launching a cum shot that leaks down to hit Ryder's open and waiting mouth.

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