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The Best Morning Sex - S39:E11

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Keira Croft has an early morning surprise for her sweetheart, Zac Wild. Given that Zac is still sleeping, Keira seizes the day to grab a fast shower. She cleans her curved body, then towels off. Still clutching the towel, Keira returns to the bed room where she delights in an eyeful of Zac's sleeping form.

When she has actually looked her fill, Keira crawls and drops the towel into bed with her sweetheart. Naked, she kisses Zac on the lips and then starts working her method down his body. Peppering Zac's chest and belly with kisses, Keira ultimately reaches his morning wood. She swipes her tongue over that difficult rod through Zac's briefs, then pops the D out so she can draw him off properly.Crawling back up Zac's body, Keira straddles her boyfriend's face. She leans against the headboard for assistance as Zac takes her up on her unspoken request to consume her pussy and rub her clit. She lets Zac make her nice and damp, then runs back down his body so she can seat herself on his dick and choose a wild stiffie trip as Zac helps guide her thrusts with his hands on her hips and spanks that ass.

Turning around, Keira keeps her booty bouncing for both their pleasure. She leans forward so that Zac can munch her nipples as she flights him. With his hands on Keira's ass, Zac squeezes and kneads those beautiful globes as he increases into her velvet glove while Keira holds on to the headboard for dear life.

Flipping Keira onto her back, Zac slides home into her hot puss. Keira's leaking pussy welcomes Zac back inside even as she prepares one knee to open herself further. Zac delivers on her unmentioned ask for a much deeper fuck as he pushes himself into that greedy hole.

Nearly sated, Keira rolls onto her belly and supervises her shoulder as Zac drives home one last time. That position lets her keep eye contact as Zac brings her off in a groaning climax. A moment later, Zac takes out and nuts all over Keira's lavish ass. Being up to the side, Zac takes a deep breath prior to being available in to snuggle Keira as they delight in the afterglow of a lusty coupling together.

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