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What He Doesnt Know - S37:E24

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Woman D is living a double life, but only one of the men she's fucking understands about it. Murgur finds it hot as hell that his lovely brown eyed babe is leading another guy on. He gets hot just enjoying Lady D on the phone with her other beau, decked out in lingerie and masturbating as she curses to him. When she hangs up, Murgur knows Lady D will be all his.

Once Lady D hangs up, she turns all her attention to putting on a program for Murgur. Reversing, she lets Murgur take pleasure in the complete view of her lush body that is dressed up in sheer lingerie. Then she wiggles that ass in an invitation for Murgur to enjoy a more hands on method to both of their pleasure. Murgur does not require to be asked twice. He is throughout the space in minutes to slide Lady D's thong aside and bury his face in her creamy take. Diving deep, Murgur provides a comprehensive and nice pussy feast that provides plenty of action to Lady D's clit. He just pauses long enough to take Lady D's thong off, then anchors his hands on her hips and shoves his dick deep inside.

Lady D can't keep back her moans of pleasure at the doggy design pussy pounding. It's already a great time for her with Murgur simply supporting her and offering her the D, however when he cups his hands around her complete breasts and yanks her towards him, things get back at much better. The new angle of penetration hits all the right spots, leaving Lady D gasping as her climax conquers her.

When they part to change positions, Lady D finally gets the opportunity to enjoy herself by opening wide and drawing Murgur's penis. She can taste her own essence as she draws her own juices from Murgur's shaft. Ultimately, however, all she can taste is the manly musk of a big dick deep down her throat.Joining Lady D on the bed, Murgur motivates her to raise one of her legs so that he can enter her from a spooning position. The position likewise lets Murgur go to town rubbing Lady D's clit up until she tosses her head back in pure carnal delight at the method he feels buried inside of her. They keep it up as Lady D's hums of orgasmic happiness fill the room.

On his back now, Murgur enjoys with greedy eyes as his enthusiast gets on top of his hardon. Her fuck hole resembles a velvet glove hugging his hardon as she rocks her hips back and forth. After hopping off for another brief BJ, Lady D resumes her trip, this time in cowgirl. That position is all it requires to get her body pulsing again.

Lady D manages to stir herself for another go as she rolls onto her back. Kneeling above Lady D, Murgur guides himself back into her plush heat for one last little bit of afternoon pleasure. He keeps it up till Lady D melts below him, then pulls out so that Lady D can stroke him off that last little bit till he pops all over her lovely landing strip muff.

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